Lava & Red Bracelet 8 mm Crystal Stone Bracelet Round Shape


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           Lava & Red Bracelet 8 mm Crystal Stone Bracelet

                                                     Round Shape

Lava & Red Bracelet

it is believed they carry energy similar to the place where they originated. This energy is said to help people who are feeling anger and negativity, reducing those emotions and replacing them with strength and courage.


  • Stretchable Elastic Handmade Natural Crystal Stone Lava & Red Bracelet | Diameter: 2.5 Inch. | Stone Size – 8 mm | Shape – Round.
  • Natural Healing Stone Bracelets for Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Tarot, Astrology & Feng Shui
  • 100% Authentic, Original and Natural Healing Stone / Crystal – small holes, and crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible
  • Material: Natural Healing Stones See Images & Product Description For Healing Properties /Advantages
  • Reiki Healing Stone Bracelet for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Best for Gifting & Personal Use.

Lava Rock Bracelet Benefits

  • Relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Support emotional balance.
  • Protection against negativity.
  • Excellent aromatherapy tool.
  • Highly grounding.

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