RedAlmas Pixiu Bracelet, Reiki Healing,Astrology,Tarot,Numerology For Unisex Adult


Pixiu bracelet, the creature of the wealth, provides wealth to its wearer. Charged by vastu expert, removes negativity, useful for Reiki healing,meditation,astrology and more. Have yours today.

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                 RedAlmas Pixiu Bracelet, Reiki Healing, Astrology, Tarot,

                                          Numerology For Unisex Adult


Pixiu Bracelet

good luck and prosperity. Its beads are believed to bring good luck to you and it is used as a lucky charm or amulet. It also protects you from evil spirits, misfortune, and bad luck.

pixiu bracelet provides a minimum of six blessings

  • Conducts good luck and fortune.
  • Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck.
  • Enhances wealth and riches.
  • Protects individuals and buildings.
  • Protects against evil forces, obstacles, and hardship.
  • Brings unexpected windfall luck.


  • Stretchable Elastic Handmade Natural Crystal Stone | Diameter: 2.5 Inch. | Stone Size – 8 mm | Shape – Round.
  • Natural Healing Stone Bracelet for Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Tarot, Astrology & Feng Shui
  • 100% Authentic, Original, and Natural Healing Stone / Crystal – small holes, and crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible
  • Material: Natural Healing Stones See Images & Product Description For Healing Properties /Advantages
  • Reiki Healing Stone Bracelet for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Best for Gifting & Personal Use.


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